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Oh the Places We Will Go!

Reading Websites

Titanic Passenger List

Google Kids

Storyworks Jr

I Survived the Joplin Tornado article

Cause Effect Comic

Book Adventure

PBS Online Stories

Online stories


Bossy R Game

Capital Letter Game

Spelling City Games

Quotation Mark Game

Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives Games


*Plural Noun Games

*Irregular Plural Game

*Making words plural game

*Prefixes and Suffixes

Math Websites

Length of Day Project

Prodigy Math


Rod Simulation

What's My Rule

Elapsed Time

Fractions on a Number Line 1

Fractions on a Number Line

Visual Fractions

Fraction Games

Symmetry and 3d shapes

Line Plots Game

Probability Game

Geometry Games

Decimal Games

More Polygons

More Area and Perimeter

Fun Brain Measurement

Martha Measurement

Find the perimeter

More Perimeter

What's My Rule Game

*Hero Michael Tells time

*Telling Time

Create a Graph

Multiplication and Division Games

*Place Value and Rounding Game

*Everyday Math

Multiplication Quiz Practice


Red Cross Help

PowerKnowledge Earth Science

Animals that do not care for young

Animals that take care of young

Africa Animals

Life Cycle Games



Frog Life Cycle

Life Cycle of a Plant

Animal Games

Frog Life Cycle

Build your own caterpillar

Life Cycle Video

Time for Kids Around the World

*Food Web Game

*Food Chain Game

*Animal Fact Guide


Weather Wiz Kids

Social Studies

*Cardinal Directions

*50 states

*Worldbook Online

Kids Around the World from Fact Monster

*Producers and Consumers Game

*Biography Website for Kids

Continents and Oceans Game

Reading a Map


Hour of Code