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Ms. Jensen's Class

General Education

Hello everyone!

I'm excited to get into remote learning starting Wednesday, April 1. This will be a new experience for everyone involved, so I thank you for your flexibility. There is a section titled "Virtual Learning Links" on the sidebar that will provide links to some of the resources we will be using. 

  • For our virtual learning, I will be updating our Google Classroom page with new learning Assignments on Monday at 10:00 am with the expectation that all activities will be completed by Friday at 3:00pm. Students will need to go to the "Classwork" section of Google Classroom and click on the "Learning Board" assignment for that week to access their assignments for the week. 
    • Note: The assignments listed for the first week of virtual learning will be assigned Wednesday and due Friday. Students have from Wednesday, April 1- Friday April 3 to complete their first assignments)
  • Attendance will be based on weekly student participation and work completion. 
  • Grading will still be standards based (scores 1-4). 
  • My office hours are Monday- Friday 10-11am and 2-3pm. During these times, I will be readily available to answer questions or provide support. You can reach me through Google Chat or at my email,

Google Classroom