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3rd Grade

Welcome to third grade at Centennial! Please look at our website for communication and celebration.

Remote Learning for students begins Wednesday April 1st. All 3rd graders will be using Google classroom to receive and complete assignments.  Please email your child's teacher or send a message through ClassDojo with any questions.  

Attendance: Attendance is based on work completion, and will be taken weekly. 

Assignments: Assignments will be posted weekly, starting the first day of the week, at 6 am.  The students will be able to work on the assignments throughout the week and submit them on Friday of that week.  

Grading: Learning Objectives and Student Success Criteria will be posted with all assignments.  Assignments will be distributed through Google Classroom (which students have used already this year).  Work will be graded weekly. 

Office Hours: Monday- Friday 9:00AM-10:00AM,  AND 2:00PM-3:00PM, please email or Dojo your child's teacher at this time. 

How to Log Into Your Child's Account ENGLISH

How to Log Into Your Child's Account SPANISH

Frequent websites the students will be using:


Storyworks Jr

Mystery Science: **More information to come

We have used these websites frequently, if you need a password, please have your child check Google Classroom, or ClassDojo for their password. 

Other Learning Sites:

Our learning websites are under "Oh The Places We Can Go" link.

3rd Grade Classrooms

Mrs. Keller's Class

Subject: General Education
Hello 3rd Graders!  I am so excited to start virtual learning with you! This is a new experience for everyone, so we will work together to support all students during this time. I can't wait to get started!  Important Information: #1.)...

Mrs. Scanlon's Class

Welcome to Mrs. Scanlon's classroom at Centennial Elementary. Third grade is a BIG  transition year, with the kids taking on more responsibility for their own learning.  We work hard but have a lot of fun doing a variety of projects, such as...