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Social-Emotional Learning

Centennial Social-Emotional Learning Services 

Our Purpose 

  • Support students in their social-emotional development 
  • Teach practical problem-solving strategies for interpersonal problems 
  • Promote pro-social relationship building with the student body
  • Implement and support students and staff with the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL 5)
  • Facilitate Restorative practices with students using the Peace Path and restorative conversations.  These questions help students to practice empathy and repair harm their words or actions may have caused in a non-punitive way.
  • Teach and support students in utilizing effective coping skills and emotional regulation skills, such as the Zones of Regulation, Breathing Strategies, and movement.
Image of Restorative Practices and Zones of Regulation

CASEL 5 Competencies

  • The CASEL 5 competencies are Self-Management, Self-Awareness, Responsible Decision-Making, Relationship Skills, and Social Awareness
  • Our school values are aligned to the CASEL 5 Competencies. They are the Centennial ABCs: I’m Accountable, I Belong, and I have Courage 
  • The Second Step curriculum taught in every classroom focuses on Growth Mindset, Goal-Setting, Emotion Management, Empathy and Kindness, and Problem-Solving

Click on the link to visit the virtual calming room and explore the many ways to calming activities. 
Virtual Calming Room  or use the QR code below

QR code for Virtual Calming Room

We are Centennial’s SEL Specialists

Monica Garcia                                                Jessica Lego
(720) 972-5280 x8871                                (720)972-5280 x5287

Meet Our Teachers

Monica Garcia

TOSA-Social Emtnl Lrng Spec

Jessica Lego

TOSA-Social Emtnl Lrng Spec