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Third Grade



Dear Students and Families:

Welcome to third grade!  Third grade is a big transition year for your students, they will be learning a variety of things, and they will have much more responsibilities placed on them.  We  would greatly appreciate your support in this area!  School begins at 7:50 and students are dismissed at 2:35 EVERY day, please be sure to have your child here on time.  

Life as a Third Grader

As third graders, your students are considered some of the “big kids” of the school.  They will be able to participate in other activities that they weren’t allowed to in previous years, such as after school clubs.  Students will also be able to ride their bikes and scooters to school.  They need to be locked up on the bike rack or fold so that they can fit into the student’s backpack.  THEY MAY NOT BE LEFT IN THE HALLWAYS, due to safety.

Important Topics We Cover

In third grade your students will learn about: states of matter, life cycles, civics, geography, economics, as well as different types of writing, including narrative, expository, research, and opinion. 


Good behavior is part of maintaining a safe and happy classroom community.  We expect good behavior from your students on a daily basis. Centennial’s behavior goals as well as 3rd grade classroom goals, address our ABCs: Accountability, Belonging, and Courage.  Your child will be rewarded with praise when respectful behavior is displayed.  

Parent Communication

You can expect to receive folders every Friday.  It will contain: their completed and graded work, as well as handouts or fliers from the office.  Please review the work in the folder and return the folder empty on Monday. 

We will also frequently update our class page on Centennial’s main website, please check it out:, as well as use ClassDojo for updates, announcements, and photos.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SIGN UP FOR CLASS DOJO! Let us know if you need a new handout on how to set it up. 


                      3rd grade teachers (Ms. Provencher, Mrs. Scanlon, and Mrs. Vanderbilt)

Meet Our Teachers

Carri Provencher

Teacher-Third Grade

Lynn Scanlon

Teacher-Third Grade

Jordan Vanderbilt

Teacher-Third Grade


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Teacher's digital classrooms are available in Schoology or SeeSaw. To access, visit your child's MyAccount Dashboard.  

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