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Social Emotional Learning

Check out the new virtual calming space! There are lots of resources on this site to use with your child to help them relax, get focused, or move their bodies! 

We want your child to be as successful as possible at school.  Success in school is not just about reading and math.  It is also about knowing how to learn and how to get along with others. We will be using the Second Step program in your child’s classroom to teach these critical skills.

  • Skills for Learning: students gain skills to help themselves learn, including how to focus their attention, listen carefully, use self-talk to stay on task, and be assertive when asking for help with school work.
  • Empathy: Students learn to identify and understand their own and other’s feelings.  Students also learn how to take another’s perspective and how to show compassion.
  • Emotion Management:  Students learn specific skills for calming down when experiencing strong uncomfortable feelings, such as anxiety or anger.
  • Problem Solving: Students learn a process for solving problems with others in a positive way.

To further help our school be a safe and respectful place, we are also going to use Second Step Bullying Prevention Unit.  In the lessons, your child will learn specific skills to help stop bullying.  Students will learn how to:

  • Recognize when bullying is happening
  • Report bullying to a caring adult
  • Refuse to let bullying happen to themselves or others
  • Be a Supportive Bystander who stands up and is part of the solution to bullying

For bullying prevention to work, everyone at school needs to be involved.  And we need your help, too!  Get involved in making our school a safe and respectful place by letting us know if you hear about bullying at our school. Make sure your child knows to tell you or someone at school if he or she is being bullied.  And give your child the clear message that it is never okay to bully others.

If you have any questions about the Bullying Prevention Unit or the Second Step program, please contact your child’s classroom teacher or me.  Thank you for helping us make our school a safe, respectful place where everyone can learn.